Angela Fulton & Brooks Mather August 20, 2016

Mon, 01/23/2017 - 10:30am

Angela: 47, from New York
Brooks: 53, from Connecticut
Now reside in: Wappingers Falls, N.Y.


The Details......

Rehersal Dinner: The Surf Hotel

Ceremony & Reception: Avonlea, Jewel of the Sea

Catering: Catering by Kimberly

Photographer:  Traci Meyer Photography and BellaFoto Studios

Music: The X Isles

Cupcakes: Aldo's Bakery

Planner: Arlette Porpiglia, AMP Events NY




Before the Ring and Proposal

Angela and Brooks first met on a New York City commuter train. It was love at first sight — but it took the pair more than a year to find their way back to one another. They ultimately ran into each other again and the rest, as they say, is history. After five years of dating the couple had exhausted all of the reasons as to why they shouldn’t just make it official. Brooks surprised Angela with an unexpected trip to New York City’s famous Diamond District to select her ring. Afterward, they traveled by ricksha to a Tao restaurant on the upper east side for a celebratory dinner.


Block Island Because.......

"Destination weddings allow you to gather your friends and family together for several days. We couldn’t bear the idea of having this momentous occasion be over in just a few short hours. We wanted a limitless celebration harnessed only by our imagination" explained Angela and Brooks, adding "We live in the Northeast, so for us, Block Island — like it’s slogan so aptly describes — is close by, yet a world away.”


The Day and Design

This couple kept it small — 50 people. The ceremony and reception were held at a bed and breakfast — Avonlea, Jewel of the Sea — it is also where they stayed for the weekend. The blue barn wood arbor doors set the stage for the entire event — they could be seen from a mile away and became an iconic part of the day. Guests were asked in advance to wear white and go barefoot. Between the two, Angela and Brooks have five children; Cody, Jade, Sierra, Ty and Wil. Their children walked Angela down the aisle, carried the rings, and stood up for the couple as witnesses. Angela made her seashell bouquet by hand. After the ceremony, the couple dined with their guests at a single 60-foot table while listening to the steel drum island-style band.  

The Wedding Weekend

This couple created a website for guests that included the weekend itinerary, accommodation options, travel notes, important contact information and a way for guests to RSVP online. Upon  check-in, each family was given a nautical beach bag with personalized luggage tags, water, snacks, sunscreen, tissues, an island map, and a tourism guide. An impromptu rehearsal dinner for 35 on the porch at The Surf Hotel was followed by a gathering around a fire pit at the Avonlea with friends. Some of the couple's favorite memories were having their children and closest family and friends gathered on an island thirteen miles out to sea. "It was heaven on earth for me" Angela remarked.

Top 3 pieces of advice:

1.     Do not mistake the laid-back island vibe of your vendors as lackadaisical. They are true professionals and have much wisdom to impart. Listen to them! 
2.     Remind people about the ferry well in advance of your big day. It’s important that folks know that they must make a reservation and that ferries do sell out. 
3.     Do not think you will save a ton of money by buying at home and bringing everything with you. Island prices are competitive with mainland prices and it’s a heck of a lot easier than bringing everything with you.