Catherine Neckes & Michael Mehiel August 20, 2016

Mon, 01/23/2017 - 10:30am

Catherine: 30

Michael: 36

Now reside in: New Orleans, LA


The Details

Ceremony & Reception: At Michael’s mother’s home on the island
Catering: Catering by Kimberly and Block Island Oyster Company
Welcome event: Mahogany Shoals and Rebecca’s Dockside
Photographer: Trevor Holden Photography
Music: Sean Regruto, a family friend and DJ in NYC
Flowers: Painted Rock Designs
Cake: Block Island Cakes
Manicures: Clayhead Salon & Spa
Decor & Lighting: Ryan Designs




Before the Ring and Proposal
Michael and Catherine met at a mutual friend’s party in Brooklyn in February of 2011. Catherine spotted Michael from across the room and decided that she would go over and chat him up. The two hit it off right away. Their engagement was all very surprising to Catherine. Michael had just gotten back from New Orleans and while unpacking, he announced in a very casual way that he had something for her. That ‘thing’ happened to be not one but two wedding rings — both of which she got to keep. Needless to say, Catherine said yes.

Block Island Because......
Catherine and Michael had a trip planned to the island in August, and one morning Catherine woke up and decided it would be a good idea to just get married on the island during that trip. Michael’s mother lives on Block Island five months out of the year so the couple decided to do the ceremony and reception in her back yard.

The Day and Design
Catherine and Michael incorporated elements from a variety of cultural traditions including Stefana — crowns in the style of the Greek Orthodox faith — which they made out of lavender picked from Michael’s mother’s garden, some new age reflection and blessing by Michael’s sister Erika, a wildly moving speech by Catherine’s brother Josh, a smashed glass in the Hebrew faith, and exchanged vows as seen in most Christian ceremonies.
The couple was married under a chuppa (a traditional Jewish wedding arch) decorated by Catherine and her twin sister and Maid of Honor, Elizabeth. Catherine walked down the aisle with her father to the Rolling Stones song “She’s a Rainbow” wearing a 90s Versace gown that she found at a vintage shop in New York City. The couple’s most beautiful memories of the day were basking in the joy and love that radiated from their family and friends, and for Michael — watching Catherine walk down the aisle. The reception was in the same yard. Kimberly catered, and Oyster Dave shucked oysters during the cocktail hour  — everyone loved the oyster shooters.  


The Wedding Weekend
Guests stayed in rented houses scattered across the island. This gave many folks the impetus to travel to and fro, see a variety of places, share in late-night revelry and generally engage with the island beyond the most obvious places. The couple agrees that Michael’s mother made everything incredibly special for family and friends.
A welcome event was held at Mahogany Shoals — Catherine and Michael’s mothers chose this venue after they bonded over Bloody Marys there. Catherine’s parents threw an intimate barbecue on the Thursday night before the wedding in the house they had rented — where everyone enjoyed lovely food and an amazing full moon.


Top 3 pieces of advice:

1.     Check ferry schedule well in advance for anyone hoping to bring a car.
2.     Mudslides all around!
3.     Say hello to Karen at Town Hall.  She is going to make your day.