Block Island's New Harbor WebCam

webcam field of vision

WebCam Field of Vision from the Oar Restaurant
located at the Block Island Boat Basin
New Harbor, Block Island, RI USA

About the WebCam
The WebCam is located on a utility pole at the Oar Restaurant and pointed a few degrees West of North. The Camera is an Axis 200+ camera-server in a weather proof housing and configured to take a picture and transit it to this web site every 15 minutes. It does that with an onboard modem which dials a local ISP and transmits the photo as a JPEG file with FTP. The camera has a manually adjustable zoom lens which can be adjusted to change the field of view. The lens also has an automatic iris which uses a signal from the CCD adjust amount of light which comes into the lens. All the camera needs is an AC power line and a phone line to operate which will make it easy to relocate the camera when the seasons change and a fresh view of Block Island is selected.

What the camera is seeing:
Foreground: (30ft - 300ft/9m - 90m) The Block Island Boat Basin dock with the dock-shed at the end and ramps down to the floating docks.
Intermediate: (300ft - 3000ft/90m - 900m) The mooring area of the Great Salt Pond on the left of the navigation channel and the anchoring area on the right.
In the Distance: (3/4mile - /1.25km - ) The Coast Guard Station on the left of the channel into the Pond, and Beane Point in the Middle.

Distance from the camera to the entrance channel is about 3/4 of a mile (1.25 km).

Who made it possible:
Block Island's first WebCam is a production of Offshore Services, Ltd which also produces the Block Island Home Page. It was made possible in part with the support and encouragement of long time Block Island maritime visitor, Richard Danes. For an interesting tour of Block Island's maritime attractions, a visit to his site is a must!.

These WebCams are expensive to purchase and to operate. Without our sponsors, this camera would not be possible.

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