Erin Dayton & Michael Bono June 24, 2017

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 2:00pm

She: 32, from Woodbury, CT
He: 30, from Waterford, CT
Now reside in: Waterford, CT

The Details
Ceremony & Reception: 
Spring House

Rehearsal Dinner: Spring House

Welcome event: A Barbecue at a private residence that was rented by Erin’s Aunt.

SNAP! Weddings

Jon O’Neill, DJ

La Bella Rose

Cake: Block Island Cakes

Hair & Make-up: 
Koru Eco Spa

Post Wedding event: Bonfire at Ballard’s Inn



Before the Ring and Proposal
Erin and Mike were both teachers at Valley Regional High School in Deep River, CT, but their paths rarely crossed. But in September 2012, they discovered they were both taking graduate classes at Central Connecticut State University and Mike asked if she’d like to carpool — she said yes. Fast-forward to 2015 — on a lazy Saturday morning, Mike decided to tie the ring to their dog’s Block Island collar with white ribbon and send the dog in to wake Erin up. When she walked out of the bedroom, Mike proposed in the kitchen and they shared a mimosa toast.

Block Island Because.......
“I have been spending summer vacations on Block Island with my family for almost thirty years. My parents have a boat so we luckily get to make a few trips a summer to Payne’s. My dad also grew up coming to the island on his parents’ boat—so it has been a family tradition for generations. I have only ever wanted to get married on the island.”

The Day and Design
As a result of the thunder and rain in the morning, the ceremony was held under a tent on the back patio of the Spring House. It had stopped raining by the time the ceremony started, so up went the sides of the tent —the sun came out just as Erin and Mike were saying their vows.  Everyone loved the fact that they had a variety of options for enjoying the wedding: people could dance in the parlor, relax on the lawn, or sit in the shade on the porch. The Matron of Honor and Best Man speeches were a perfect combination of humor and emotion and Erin and Mike noted that the father-daughter and mother-son dances were very special to them — as both are close with their parents.
The Wedding Weekend
With the rehearsal dinner at the Spring House, Erin and Mike loved having a relaxed Italian buffet before the formal big day, and met guests who did not attend the dinner for drinks in Victoria’s Parlor afterwards. On the morning of the wedding, Mike, the groomsmen, and the couple’s fathers had breakfast at The National Hotel, while the ladies started very early with hair and make-up at Koru Eco Spa. Erin said she would have extended the hours of the reception if it were possible, but they chose a day wedding so guests could come for the day if needed — which worked out perfectly. The couple hosted a bonfire at Ballard’s Inn later in the evening after the wedding, so guests were

What was the most Block Islandy thing about your wedding?
“The weather! It thundered, lightninged, and rained all morning but cleared up as the ceremony started — we could hardly believe it was the same day.”


Top 3 pieces of advice:

  1. Give guests a list of recommended restaurants, fun things to do, and must-sees.
  2. Don’t obsess over the weather. It could change in a minute and even if it does rain the day will still be beautiful.
  3. Take a moment for just the two of you to pause and appreciate the day.