Happy Fish of July!

July Fishing Report
Tue, 06/30/2015 - 12:45pm

July is a very busy fishing month on Block Island! By now, all of the most common species we see have arrived in numbers. Whether you’re fishing from shore or by boat, Block Island has plenty to offer in July.

In order to predict how the month will look, it’s good to look at last year around this time. Last June was fairly slow fishing. A few bigger fish (mostly striped bass) were caught, but we didn’t see the numbers we were hoping for. This June has been a completely different story. Even though we had a long and cold winter, it seems to have made better conditions for the bait to arrive, which as a result has brought in the fish. So based on June’s results, I have a feeling we will see a lot of fish caught in the month of July.

What’s great about fishing on the island in the summer months is that there are more family friendly activities. Catching squid off the local piers is really easy and can be a lot of fun. All you need for that is a small fishing pole and a squid jig. It’s better to go at night and find some light to stand near because the squid are attracted to the light. Dropping a crab line off either the piers or bridges is another great activity for all. Block Island has many species of crab and they’ll bite on just about anything you attach to the line (catch and release only). If spending the day at the beach and fishing is more your speed, then you’ll want to head to the channel at Coast Guard beach. It’s a great beach to relax and watch all the boats go by, as well as catch all types of fish. Mostly what you’ll find during the day there are fluke, scup, stripers, and the occasional bluefish.

The warmer waters in July definitely bring in bigger fish. This also means they’re chasing bigger bait. One of the most popular baits on the island for the big fish is eels. You won’t see many people using them in the spring, but as summer hits, eels are the best live bait for stripers. To catch the monster stripers that Block Island is known for, it’s better to head out on the boat. If you don’t have one, there is a full fleet of charters that go out every day and bring you right to the fish. Surf casting is also very popular out here. Since we are 13 miles out at sea, you can always find a side of the island where the fish are.

So many fish to catch, so little time. Quit floundering around and get out there and have some fun!