Katherine Orr & Christopher Bezamat

May 27, 2017
Thu, 02/01/2018 - 2:30pm

32, from Darien, CT

41, from Greenwich, CT

Now reside in: 
Oakland, CA


The Details

Ceremony: St. Andrew Church

At a private home, under a tent on Southwest Point.

Catering by Kimberly, Block Island Oyster Company

Tent: Block Island Party Rentals

Welcome event: 
A Lobster dinner at a rental house overlooking Fresh Pond.

Rehearsal Dinner:  Spring House Hotel

Departure Event: A game of keg wiffle ball at Kaki’s uncle’s house on Southwest Point.

Trevor Holden Photography


Karen Hughan, Good Gardens LLC

Cupcakes by Catering by Kimberly

Hair & Makeup: Clayhead Salon & Spa





Before the Ring and Proposal 
Katherine (Kaki) was a server at Chris’s favorite restaurant in Jackson Hole, WY. While out to dinner with a couple friends who knew Kaki from playing for the local co-ed hockey teams, Chris knew right away that he had to meet her, and he did! Kaki walked in the front door from the pouring rain after work. In the living room Chris had set the table with Christmas lights, candles and roses. She had barely taken her raincoat off before Chris dropped to his knee and told her how much he loved her that that he wanted to marry her. He was holding a box that was a family heirloom and before she even saw the ring, she was hugging him and telling him yes.

Block Island Because......
Kaki’s uncle and aunt have had a house on the island and their family has been coming here for many years.
The Day and Design
Kaki and Chris had decided that they wanted to see each other before the wedding ceremony. They met at the Spring House where Chris was getting dressed and met on the porch of the hotel. Instead of a ride to the church, they walked together with their dog, Stash, to the ceremony — a favorite time together on their wedding day. The couple wrote their own vows — unique to them and how they share their life — and they thought it was beautiful to share their intimate ceremony surrounded by everyone they love. The reception was held under a tent in the yard of Kaki’s aunt and uncle’s house, where Kaki’s mom, grandmothers and aunts decorated and created the wedding of Kaki’s dreams. The oyster bar was a huge hit; guests were served delicious swordfish and filet. Everyone took to the town after the reception and danced the night away at Yellow Kittens.
The Wedding Weekend
There was a classic May moodiness to the weather leading up to the wedding, which is exactly what the couple hoped for — Memorial Day on Block Island is quiet and beautiful and it holds expectations for the coming summer that you can feel in the air. Wanting to keep the wedding small with a large family, the guest count was at 40 — small and intimate for everyone to come and enjoy Block Island together as a family. A lobster dinner was held Thursday night at a house on Fresh Pond; the rehearsal dinner was at the Spring House on Friday; and on Sunday before everyone left, they used the leftover kegs and played wiffle ball with all of Kaki’s childhood friends from Block Island until it got dark.

What was the most Block Islandy thing about your wedding?
“Going to Yellow Kittens after the reception.”


Top 3 pieces of advice:

1.    Simplify directions on how to get to the island and set them up for success once they get there. You don’t want to be answering your phone with people asking you logistics questions.
2.    Don’t check the weather.  
3.    Spend a couple days on the island after your wedding and enjoy!