Kimberly Guja & Stephen Zoerner June 24, 2018

Fri, 01/18/2019 - 11:45am

Kim: 32, from Babylon, NY

Steve: 36, from San Clemente, CA

Now reside in: Babylon, NY


Ceremony & Reception:  Cushman House  
Catering: Catering by Kimberly 
Rehearsal Dinner: The Beachead  
Photographer: Trevor Holden Photography   
Music: DJ Josh Maldy  
Flowers: La Bella Rose 
Cake: Sugar Rush  
Hair & Make-up: Salt Hair Shop
Wedding planner: Summer Sisters

Before the Ring, and Proposal
Kim and Steve met shortly after Steve opened their now family business, Swell Taco. After a long shift in the kitchen, Steve walked out to grab a beer when Kim walked in and she caught his attention right away. As timing would have it, it was the perfect segway to introduce himself, offer her a beer and talk at the bar until the restaurant closed. Steve says he knew she was the one for him. 

Block Island Because...... 
It was the first place Kim and Steve traveled to as a couple back in 2014, and they have continued to return each year since. The couple feels it’s a magical and special place — and since family and friends are beach lovers and surfers, they knew that they would love it just as much.

Wedding Day  
The weather that day was Kim’s idea of a quintessential Block Island day — calm wind, the air was warm, and the skies were hazy, yet bright. Seeing each other at a first look on a hillside in a beautifully wooded setting is one of Kim and Steve’s favorite memories of the day. The wedding ceremony was held on the lawn of the home, and their officiant was “Uncle Brother Martin” (Steve’s Uncle). His sermon was enjoyed by all. A barbecue- style buffet was served, as it suited the casual backyard atmosphere. Speeches by Steve’s sister and best man were priceless and to top it all, a speech via video projection from a cousin who lives is Switzerland was a total surprise to the couple, and left the whole crowd laughing and crying all at the same time. 

Wedding Weekend  
Kim and Steve created a wedding website with information regarding where to stay, their favorite hang-out spots, and transportation on how to get to Block Island. The only thing they would have changed was to get married earlier in the week — to have more time with guests after the wedding. A welcome beach party with a bonfire kicked off the weekend, and a rehearsal dinner was held at The Beachead — one of Kim and Steve’s favorite restaurants. Throughout the week, the ocean had less than ideal surf conditions until the morning of the wedding — the conditions cleaned up and Steve and his father got to enjoy a father and son surf session as Kim and the girls watched from the house, sipping on champagne. Several of the couple’s close friends ended up staying an extra night because they were having so much fun.

Top 3 pieces of advice for having an island wedding:
1. Plan at least a year ahead of time!
2. Always consider weather and the possibility of travelers having difficulty getting there.
3. Get as much planning and preparation done before you get there so you can enjoy the island with your guests.