Rentals: Bikes, Cars and Mopeds

Transportation to help you navigate the island
Wed, 06/15/2016 - 12:15pm

Whether you want to enjoy the scenic roads, explore the whole island or just cruise around town, renting a bike, a moped, or a car is ideal. 
Anytime is a great time to bike Block Island. And if you haven’t yet ridden around the island, there’s a fun new way to do it – the Block Island Bicycle Tour.  
Pack a snack, water, some sunblock and maybe a little cash for a stop at a roadside lemonade stand, and hit the road!
The bike tour consists of 12 “stations”, each positioned at an island highlight, and each marked with a circular signpost with a QR code in the center. Shoot the QR code (you have to install a reader, free at your mobile device app store) and you get minute-long videos at each station, which tell you a little about what you’re seeing, or the history of where you’re standing. The full route is about 16 miles, and stretches up to the North Lighthouse, which is as far from downtown as you can get on the seven-by-three mile island. Families may want to opt for the shorter 7.5 mile loop which circles back to town after you hit Dead Eye Dick’s at station #8.
If you don’t want to take the cell phone, wallet-size maps of the route (with short descriptions of the stations) are available free at the Welcome Center (off Water Street across from the ferry docks) and from most of the bike rental places in town.
If you choose to rent a car or a moped, read that contract that you sign carefully! The island-wide speed limit is 25mph and mopeds are not allowed on any dirt roads.
The roads are busy all summer long with other traffic and pedestrians — so travel slowly — after all, you are on vacation, right?
What's the rush?