Sarie Monieson takes us on a Block Island video tour while

In Search of a Glass Float

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 4:15pm

Eben Horton is a glass artist and the owner of The Glass Station, a 1920’s-style glass studio located in Wakefield, Rhode Island. He created “The Glass Float Project” on Block Island where he has hidden hundreds of glass floats along Greenway trails and beaches. Islanders and tourists set out to find these glass orbs and once they get discovered, they can either be kept or rehidden for some other lucky wanderer to find. 

On our adventure to find an orb, we visited multiple beaches and Greenway Trails. Our first stop was Snake Hole Road and Vail Beach. We searched the path to the beach and found only a few empty soda cans in the bushes.

Continuing to the beach, we looked through rocks and empty spaces in attempt to find a hidden orb. After unsuccessfully searching the beach, we drove to the Southeast Light House. We explored the area surrounding the lighthouse and the building itself, where we looked under staircases and in any openings where it seemed possible to hide an orb.

Our next stop was Win Dodge Trail on Cooneymus Road. We looked through every possible opening in the stonewall, but still had no luck. Disappointed, we went to our final location: an open field/pathway also on Cooneymus Road. Again, we carefully searched through bushes and stonewalls, and finally came across an orb placed in a space between two rocks in the stonewall. Looking for the orb was an adventure and the feeling of accomplishment once one is found is definitely worth the time it took to find it!

Click the link for more information about Block Island's Glass Float Project.