Welcome to Block Island

A Note from Police Chief Carlone
Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:30pm

Dear Visitors to Block Island,
     We welcome you and are happy to see you again after a very slow winter season, with as little as one thousand residents, and hardly any businesses open! Now it’s the busy season and a fun place to be for all. In any natural environment there are risks that are unnoticed by most people because they are in such a wonderfully relaxed state of mind. When you are on vacation, your mind doesn’t always alert you to possible dangers and you get the impression that everything is completely safe. That’s okay, it is mostly safe for sure, but we need to let you know about a few things that may save your life, or save you from injury.
1. Bicycles — People get injured every year on Block Island, some seriously from bike accidents. There are lots of steep inclines, poor road shoulders, and lots of traffic competing for the road. Here’s what to do to be safe. Wear an approved helmet, especially children. The law requires that people fifteen and under wear them, but I recommend that everyone should. Lock your bikes!
2.   Obey all traffic laws, which you are required to do by law, and for your safety. Stop at STOP signs, ride with traffic and don’t go too fast because the curves and hills are everywhere.
3.  Walkers — Walk against traffic or facing traffic, use sidewalks where present, and be alert that there are all manners of vehicles coming close by as you walk. Watch your children carefully, please.
4.  Rental Mopeds — Wear a helmet (it is the law) or you will be summoned if you fail to do so, and please obey all traffic laws, and don’t repeatedly blow the horn.
5.  Beaches — Watch out below large bluff areas; they are unstable and thousands of pounds of clay can come down unexpectedly. Watch children near the water; don’t be too far from a young child, there is an extreme drowning risk in the ocean for unattended children.
6.  Drinking Alcohol — This is prohibited on any beaches and in all public areas. Drinking in the hot sun is not a good idea anyway. Officers will be in plain clothes and will summons or arrest you, so please refrain from drinking anywhere other than in licensed liquor sales establishments. Please do not drink to excess. We have a minimal medical staff and injured people end up having to be flown off the island for treatment of serious injuries.
7.   Night Time — There is limited lighting, so please wear reflective clothing when biking or walking.
8.    Valuables — Lock your bikes, watch your purse and cell phones at bars and beaches, and lock your cars.
In closing, we are happy to see you and if you need anything, all of our officers are friendly and approachable and will help you if necessary.
Please have a safe vacation.
Chief Vincent T. Carlone NSPD