From family-friendly to romantic fine dining, your hunger will be satisfied at any of the nearly 40 restaurants and pubs located on Block Island.

Seafood lovers will delight in the dizzying number of ways our local chefs prepare fresh catch. Many of the island’s most beloved seafood restaurants are less than a five-minute walk from the beach or ferry. Bite into one of our legendary fish sandwiches, snack on clam cakes or mahi-mahi, feast on buckets of shrimp and enjoy the spectacular ocean views.

But Block Island offers more than just seafood. Hungry for falafel, eggplant rollatini, sushi, pad thai, freshly-made bagels, or a lemon-lime gelato?  Block Island has you covered. Pizza? Order take-out. Or a quick sandwich you’d like to bring with you to the beach? No problem.

One of the great pleasures of coming to Block Island is the delicious food and beverages our establishments offer.

Food and Drinks

Breakfast B, Lunch L, Dinner D, Liquor License Liq

1661 INN, www.blockislandresorts.com 401-466-2836 B

ALDO’S ITALIAN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT www.aldosblockisland.com 401-466-5871 L,D, Liq

ALDO’S BAKERY www.aldosbakery.com 401-466-2198 B, Pastries and Ice Cream

BALLARD’S  www.blockislandstay.com 401-466-2231 L, D, Liq
Offers a distinctive menu of exceptionally fresh seafood and an incredible view of Ballard's Beach.

THE BEACHEAD www.thebeachead.com 401-466-2249 L, D, Liq

BEN & JERRY’S www.aldosblockisland.com 401-466-5430

BETHANY’S AIRPORT DINER 401-466-3100 B, L , Beer and Wine

CALAVERA'S 401-466-2495

CHAPEL SWEETS www.chapelsweets.com 401-378-0062 

CLUB SODA www.clubsodabi.net 401-466-5397 D, Liq

DEAD EYE DICK’S 401-466-2654 L,D, Liq

ELI’S RESTAURANT www.elisblockisland.com 401-466-5230 D, Liq

FINN’S FISH MARKET www.finnsseafood.com 401-466-2102

FINN’S SEAFOOD RESTAURANT www.finnsseafood.com 401-466-2473 L, D, Liq

HARBOR GRILL 401-466-2828 B, L, D, Liq

KIMBERLY'S 401-466-8600 D, Liq

LOS GATITOS at YELLOW KITTENS. 401-466-5855 L, Liq

HOTEL MANISSES www.hotelmanisses.com 401-466-9898 D, Liq
Dinner, showcasing local seafood, innovative salads, prime steaks, is enjoyed at our acclaimed restaurant.

MCALOON'S www.mcaloons.com 401-466-2928

THE MOHEGAN CAFE www.moheganbi.com 401-466-5911 L,D, Liq

The 1879 RESTAURANT AT THE ATLANTIC INN www.atlanticinn.com 401-466-5883 D, Liq

THE NARRAGANSETT INN www.narragansettinn.net 401-466-2626 B, D, Liq

THE NATIONAL TAP AND GRILLE www.blockislandhotels.com 401-466-2901 B, L, D, Liq

THE OAR www.blockislandresorts.com 401-466-8820 L, D, Liq

PAPA’S PIZZERIA  401-466-9939 L, D, Beer and Wine

PAYNE’S DONUTS at Smuggler’s Cove B

PERSEPHONE'S KITCHEN www.persephonebrown.com 401-466-5070 B, L

POOR PEOPLE’S PUB www.pppbi.com 401-466-8533 L, D, Liq

POTS & KETTLES www.potsandkettles.com


REBECCA’S DOCKSIDE  401-466-5572 L, D, Liq


SOUTHEAST LIGHT DELIGHTS www.facebook.com/seldelights L

SPRING HOUSE HOTEL www.springhousehotel.com 401-466-5844 B, L, D, Liq

SURF HOTEL www.thesurfhotelbi.com 401-466-2241 B, L, D, Liq

WINFIELD'S 401-466-5856 D, Liq