After a day of swimming, fishing, sailing or hiking, you’ll need to hear some island music or gather with friends and a local pub.

A different island adventure awaits you after dark. Block Island nightclubs are among the best in New England. You’ll find local brews, famous mudslides, and refreshing cocktails served overlooking the sea as the sun sets.

The bands you will hear on Block Island range from homegrown to famous. You never know who is going to be playing or where you are going to see a great show. The island's eclectic music mystique is enticing and inviting, as anyone who has been to the annual Music Festival at Captain Nick's or Ballard's daily venues can tell you. And what could be better than dancing the afternoon or evening away with friends as the sun shines down or the twilight sky lights up in magical Block Island colors?


Bars and Nightclubs

BALLARD’S INN 401-466-2231

CAPTAIN NICK’S  401-466-5670

CLUB SODA 401-466-5397

MAHOGANY SHOALS 401-864-3832


POOR PEOPLE’S PUB 401-466-8533

YELLOW KITTENS 401-466-5855