Julianne Beck & Aaron Damesek

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June 17, 2023

Like many couples across the northeast, Julianne Beck and Aaron Damesek dealt with rain on their wedding weekend. But they didn’t let it spoil their fun and thanks to some quickacting vendors who rearranged a few things, they took their vows under sunny skies.

“Our welcome party was at the National and they did a fabulous job accommodating us with the rain and moving everything under the porch at the last minute,” say the couple. Because the party was on Friday night, the couple’s guests had all morning on Saturday to explore the island, renting bikes, going shopping, and visiting the 1661 Farm and Gardens.

On the big day, “it was a somewhat stressful morning with how heavy the rain was and making sure that hair and makeup was happening on time,” says Julianne.”Right before our first look we opened letters from each other, and it was a moment I won’t forget – it really grounded me back in the day. And getting to see each other right after that was so wonderful and really relieved the stress of the day.”

Julianne and Aaron met while in college and have been regularly visiting Block Island for over
10 years, so it was no wonder they chose the island for their wedding, especially since Julianne’s parents have a home there. “Having everything at the house felt really intimate and
I think the guests loved being able to walk around the property and enjoy the view,” says

“We were somewhat untraditional – no bridal and groom parties, no flower girl or ring bearer. Our ceremony incorporated both Christian and Jewish traditions while focusing mostly on our love for one another and the importance of having our friends and family to bear witness.”

“We used the Jewish tradition of stomping the glass at the end of the ceremony, which symbolizes how fragile life and love are, and a reminder to cherish every moment together. We had personalized glass orbs created and hung from our altar arch within the flowers. Even though we haven’t found one out in the wild, we loved having that special touch.”

“Because of the rain, we had to switch the order of events and move our cocktail hour to before the wedding,” say the couple. “Kimberly Ward was so flexible and quick thinking, and brought out cocktail hour appetizers and opened the bar for our guests waiting down in the tent. The lobster rolls and oysters were fan favorites. We pushed back the ceremony about 45 minutes to wait out the rain and were able to have a gorgeous, sunny ceremony. This certainly wasn’t planned but everyone was a little more emotional during the ceremony after a few drinks!”

Top Piece of Advice:
Use a planner who is a Block Island local. Using Julie Kiley was the best decision we made.


Julianne and Aaron - June Wedding

The Details

WEDDING VENUE: Beck family home
WELCOME PARTY: The National CATERING: Kimberly’s
FLOWERS: Painted Rock Designs
PHOTOGRAPHER: Hilary B. Photography

Julianne and Aaron - June Wedding

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