Block Island Wedding Guest Guide

Fri, 09/02/2016 - 2:30pm


The invitation arrived months ago. The excitement did as well. Finally, the time has arrived, a Block Island wedding awaits!
 Coming to Block Island for a wedding is an added element for wedding guests. Based the location you are likely spending an evening (or more likely two) on the island. But when properly prepped for the wedding trip, you can turn your attendance for the lovely couple into a memorable weekend for yourself while being a stellar guest as well.
Seize the Day
There is likely a full schedule of events for you as a wedding guest, but try to find some time to get away. Block Island in September has so much to offer beyond the ceremony. Explore the island, especially if you haven’t visited before.
 If the ceremony is in the late afternoon or early evening, take advantage of the morning to break a sweat and see some sites. The Run Around The Block road race on September 10 is a perfect opportunity to see the island as well as giving something to brag about at cocktail hour as it just about 9 miles.
On Saturdays in September the Farmers’ Market is open in New Harbor at American Legion Park from 9-11:30 a.m. with Block Island grown and made products.
Another option for making the most of your free time is to pick up an Art Trail Map. This map highlights a number of art galleries and showrooms on Block Island. Many are within walking distance from Old Harbor.
Be Self-Sufficient
The (almost) newlyweds are likely very busy preparing for the big day. Don’t crowd them with logistical questions about the island. Consult the Chamber of Commerce for information on local businesses, ask at your accommodations for personal recommendations for dining or grab a Best Bites of Block Island, the local dining guide.  
Dress for Success
When you plan your wedding wardrobe remember to consider that Block Island is a windy place and that once the sun sets, the temperate drops rapidly. With many ceremonies and receptions taking place outside, weather is a serious factor. A hairdo that is wind-proof is nearly impossible, so an up-do is strongly suggested. And if a jacket or coat hides your wedding wear too much consider a large scarf worn as a wrap.
Carry-On Luggage
When you arrive at the wedding there will likely be a place where you can stow a bag or clothing. Don’t be afraid to bring supplies. The “island factor” means it is always best to expect the unexpected. Pack extra safety pins and save the show when the bride loses a button.
Weddings on Block Island always seem to bring out the best dance moves.  Wear shoes that allow you to move and keep up. If possible bring along “dancing shoes” stowed in a purse if space allows.
Sometimes between the ceremony and reception there is a little bit of a lull in the action while the bridal party takes photos. Kids might get agitated and you might get bored. Pack a deck of cards to calm an restless crew.
Gift Right
If you are looking to give the wedding couple a gift that is Block-inspired keep in mind that the couple likely already has a packed car worth of necessities for the Big Day. Couples likely will appreciate receiving something small or having the purchase shipped to their home address.
Need some gift ideas? Here are a few of our favorites of the season (no registration required).
Trax Bow Ties from the Mutt Hutt ($24). If Fido will be making a appearance in the couple’s wedding make sure he’s up to snuff with the latest fashion.
Hat from The Wave ($19). A pair of matching Block Island hats will be useful on their (hopefully) sunny honeymoon.
Block Island bracelet from Jennifer’s Jewelry ($32). She’ll never forget her wedding day and a simple Block bangle lets her reminisce daily.
Block Island Blend Cigars from Block Island Cigar ($9). Buy two to enjoy with the Groom during the reception.
If you forgot a card, Island Bound Bookstore on Water St. has you covered. Pop in for a card and find yourself a page-turner for the ferry ride home.
Even with all that Block Island has to offer, remember why you are visiting. Be sure to be on time for the big event and enjoy celebrating!