B.I. Wind Farm

Welcome to all the news about the nation’s first offshore wind farm

Since 2007, The Block Island Times has been dedicated to bringing our readers the most comprehensive coverage of one of the most important stories ever to happen in our town: The Block Island Wind Farm project.

The storyline of this project includes everything from state politics, economics, the environment, jobs, engineering, technology and — just as importantly — the emotions that people have on either side of the issue.

Here you will find an archive that captures every story we have published on the subject up to now. We will continue to update the archive as more stories are published. We are also including an archive of national and international news stories, as well as a photo archive.

We hope that this will be a resource for those who are not just casually interested in the story, but to scholars and researchers as well.

  • Wed, Sep 18
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    There was no band or bunting at the Southeast Bluffs celebrating the third anniversary of the Block Island Wind Farm’s construction. The pilot project’s developer, Deepwater Wind, completed construction using a large marine vessel to affix the final blade to tower number five on Thursday, August 18...
  • Fri, Sep 2
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    Here are the aggregate components, tools and methods that Deepwater Wind and National Grid have employed during the past year to construct the five turbine, 30-megawatt Block Island Wind Farm: Unusual, futuristic looking lift-boats LB Caitlin, LB Paul, LB Robert and the Michael and Lacie Eymard...