When you step onto Block Island, you’ll find an island that includes not just rare birds, fantastic beaches and miles of hiking trails, but a close, caring community.

Time has witnessed many changes, but one thing that has remained the same all these years is the character of the people. When you visit, you’ll meet some of our 1,000+ year-round residents that run businesses, send their children to school, offer directions to passing tourist and wear many, many hats.

It’s not unusual to see your taxi cab driver as your waiter at dinner — or the First Warden leading a nature walk. You’ll find this interdependence creates a sense of community unrivaled anywhere else.

You’ll find that this community cares. People care deeply about each other, about the environment around them and about those coming to enjoy this island. Perhaps that’s why Block Islanders are so proud to show off this island gem to the world.

Come visit, meet the folks who live here and share in this special place.

Family Activities

The natural environment of Block Island provides the perfect place for parents and kids to spend “quality time”.

The beaches and walking trails are perfect for exploration. In fact “Baby Beach” near town has soft waves and clean sand, attracting people with younger children. Older children can ride the waves just up the beach or search the tide pools for treasures.

There are nature walks and story times at the library.  View sea creatures in water tanks and learn about bird banding. Go to fishing camp and get your dinner. Take a kayak ride or a fishing trip.

There is no amusement park or fast food restaurant. There are two very rustic movie theaters that operate at night or on a rainy afternoon. It’s a place to make your own fun and play board games.

In other words, Block Island is a step back in time – a memorable vacation experience for all.

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